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Environmental Sustainability

We are dedicated to environmental sustainability by promoting responsible resource management and effective gum tree husbandry practices. Our vision of environmental sustainability in Frankincense extraction is simple: meeting the need for its continuous exploitation without destroying or irrevocably degrading the natural ecosystem of the indigenous Frankincense forests. In other words, take care of the earth and she will take care of you.
Excessive, unsustainable tree tapping is a prohibited practice in the lands we harvest. We support smart harvesting through the practice of cyclical gum harvesting. This ensures tapped trees have time to recuperate. The lessons learned and the benefits of these techniques are shared with the gum gatherers and other local stakeholders. As inheritors of this important ecosystem and caretakers of this ancient trade, we know this is the best way to maintain it well into the future.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is one of our highest values. We willingly practice fair and equitable trading practices, by offering gum collectors/graders:

  • Better wage equity for their labour and services
  • Healthier working and seating
  • Awareness-raising workshops
  • Practical appropriate trainings to improve their trades and life skills
  • Access to pre-harvesting credit and financing
  • Building infrastructure like water dams, schools, MCHs and hospitals.
Harvesters Discussing Sustainability Practises. Madar Moge, Somaliland
Harvesters Discussing Sustainability Practises. Madar Moge, Somaliland