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Opopanax is gum resin derived from Commiphora trees, particularly C. erythraea and C. kataf, which are native to Somalia. The resin is extracted by making incisions in the bark and collecting the exudate, which solidifies into brown lumps. Perfumery Opopanax is a resinoid extracted from the resin by dissolving it in a solvent, while Opopanax essential oil is produced through steam distillation. Opopanax is sometimes referred to as Perfumed Bdellium or Bisabol, although technically Bdellium is an aromatic gum resin.


 – Cosmetics & Perfume Industry

The Perfume industry uses Opopanax resinoid and essential oil for producing perfumes with a warm balsamic and sweet, honey-like aroma, often used in oriental fragrances.

  – Incense Industry

Opopanax is used as a constituent of incense for religious ceremonies, but is also used in joss sticks. It is sometimes called Perfumed Bdellium.