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Fooxle Gums and Essential Oils is a Somalia-based company that specialises in harvesting, production and processing of frankincense and myrrh. Owned and managed by a team entrepreneur originally hailing from Sanaag Region, Somalia – home of the fabled Somali Frankincense – we have inherited the stewardship of the Frankincense forests and gum trade from our forefathers. Fooxle Gums and Essential Oils exports organic frankincense and myrrh from Somalia directly to an expansive list of customers from all over the world.

The export of gums and resins from the Somali regions has seen a significant spike over the last five years and Fooxle Gums and Essential Oils intends to become the most preferred one-stop company for a rapidly growing buying market. Our company aims to achieve this through the provision of unlimited supply of quality gums and resins, the establishment of long-term partnerships with international buyers, and a delivery model that exemplifies reliability and professionalism.